Nessie's Messy Loch

What can Nessie do when Loch Ness is a mess?

Nessie's Messy Loch is a Scottish children's picture book, presenting
an engaging story to emphasise to younger children the importance
of looking after our environment. 

Nessie's in hiding and no one knows why. The more people who
visit the loch to ask what's wrong, the messier it becomes.
Can anyone help Nessie? 

The book features a dedicated Time to Talk section and 'Planet Superhero' top tips to encourage children to discuss and get involved in recycling and looking after our planet. 

The book has been written, produced and printed in Scotland, using paper that has been responsibly sourced, certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. 

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Nessie's Selfie

"I'm on my own so talk to me, ask me what's my name...

We may all look different but you'll find we're all the same."

Nessie's Selfie is a Scottish children's picture book about fun, friendship and finding the Loch Ness Monster.

The book is aimed at young readers and explores themes around equality, inclusion and forming friendships.

There is a dedicated Time to Talk section, aimed at encouraging children to share their thoughts and feelings with their grown ups, making it the perfect story to read over and over again. 

Written by Scottish author Breea Keenan and illustrated
by David Nichol, the story has been enjoyed by readers all
over the world.

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Nessie's Selfie and Nessie's Messy Loch are available now.


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