Nessie's Messy Loch - Scottish children's picture book

Nessie's Messy Loch - Scottish children's picture book

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Nessie is hiding and no one knows why. The more people who visit Loch Ness to ask what's wrong, the messier it becomes. Can anyone help Nessie? 


Nessie's Messy Loch is a Scottish children's picture book, presenting an engaging story to emphasise the importance of looking after our environment to younger children. 


Written by Breea Keenan and illustrated by David Nichol, the book features a dedicated 'Time to Talk' section for grown ups to read with children to stimulate discussion around preserving nature, recycling and working together to look after our environment. The book also includes 'Planet Superhero' top tips. 


Nessie's Messy Loch is written, produced and printed in Scotland, using paper that has been responsibly sourced, certified by the Forest Stewardship Council